Why You Need to Watch Fairy Tail If You Haven’t Watched It Yet

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Many people often wonder whether they should watch Fairy Tail or not when they hear the name of Fairy Tail they start assuming it will be about some good fairies for Girls and what not. Here are the seven reasons why you need to watch Fairy Tail

1. Well, it’s good!

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Fairy Tail is a quality anime which is worth to watch, I mean it has magic powers, friendship, bonds and what not, it has everything to make you watch the whole series. The series covers mostly on Natsu and his team but it doesn’t mean it ignores other characters every character has been given importance after all the Fairy Tail guild is a Family!

From emotional back stories of each character to moving forward for a better future, it gives us valuable real life lessons which you could apply and relate to your own life.

2. It’s Entertaining

Obviously, it’s entertaining without it who would even bother to watch a series, apart from magic powers and action it also has a fun element in it. Just imagine hearing a joke/pun in the least expected moment, won’t you burst out of laughter?

Even in a serious situation like facing strong enemies they would a way to make the audience laugh. That’s what makes it different than much other anime.

  1. Happy

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No, Happy here doesn’t mean pleasure or contentment. Happy is a flying blue cat. Yes, you heard it right! Happy is not only just a flying cat but also Natsu’s best friend, their friendship and trust for each other makes you nothing but feel for them watching them makes you wish for flying cat for yourself.

Happy is a character which makes Fairy Tail funny, you can say if you laugh 10 times watching Fairy Tail 5 of the times it will be happy. From cracking lame puns to passing funny and naughty comments on other characters. Happy offers a comic relief with his catchphrase,”Aye!” or “Aye sir!” he just ‘looves’ troubling Lucy, because of which I love happy he is one of my favourite characters from Fairy Tail.

  1. Nonstop action and comedy

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Lot of people when they hear about Fairy Tail they get a wrong impression about Fairy Tail they think it’s not good or it’s for kids but Fairy Tail is a lot different type of anime which you could think of

It has so much of action which I can’t even begin to calculate it has a lot of action back to back with great comedy in it. Strong enemies keep popping out of nowhere, enemies are so OP that you just have to admire their strength. Enemies, their battle with Fairy Tail are just worth to watch.

  1. Love and Romance

if you like watching anime about love or romance then Fairy Tail is the one you can go for it. It is not completely a love story but it has a great part of it for love and romance. There are many love couples and the cute moments in it for example- Gerza, Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy.

  1. Character Development 

In this anime, the character development has been done beautifully and precisely you can say they have given a lot of importance for developing the characters. Gajeel who once destroyed the Fairy Tail guild then later becomes the member of Fairy Tail and puts his life on the line to protect the guild mates that is how the character has been developed in the series not only Gajeel but also many other characters have been developed for example: Ultear Milkovich, Laxus Dreyar and Jellal and so on..

  1. Badass Moments

It has so many badass moments in it that you can’t even begin to count, there were so many instances of it like making a comeback from a brink of defeat. There was a moment when Natsu starts eating fire dragon Atlas Flame during the fight it was so funny and badass at the same time! these are all the moments which makes you keep watching and stick to Fairy Tail.

So these are the seven reasons to watch Fairy Tail according to me but I can assure you these are not the only reasons to watch Fairy Tail, you need to watch the series yourself to know why it’s worth the hype.

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